As a freelance proofreader, I work with court reporters to ensure they turn in high-quality transcripts.

A background in editing and writing thoroughly prepared me for the role of a proofreader. I efficiently fact-check, identify both major and minuscule errors, and meet deadlines. Quality, consistency, and communication are key elements my clients receive from me. You need a proofreader who’s willing to go above and beyond because it’s about you. It’s about your reputation. Your name is on the transcript, so you need someone whose interest is your success.

Another key element I found beneficial is flexibility. Although I learned from Margie Wakeman Wells’ resources, Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, and NCRA guidelines, I understand court reporters have preferences, and I’m happy to oblige. Remember, you’re the star of the show; I’m just a crew member. Metaphorically speaking! In addition, while I concentrate on proofreading for court reporters, I am willing to proofread other material. Contact me about your needs and any questions you may have.